Yassine Balhi

Yassine Balhi, a young Algerian doctor. Who is also a TV anchor in the health and lifestyle tv program “Saha Hya Sah” on the “Chorok TV” channel.


Yassine is a true athlete and adventure enthusiast, And these two are understatments. His friends will tell you that for two years, the young man has been leading his sporting adventure as if it was a crazy love affair, and that can be seen almost every day through his facebook or Instagram where he represents a real source of motivation for people who follow him, which makes him a great Influencer to follow on social networks. His adventure in sport began two years ago, when he walked for 3 days to reach Mount Rinjani, overlooking the famous Indonesian volcano, at over 3700m altitude.


Few months later he decided to start the running where he could meet his friends from the BOOMA Team, then the RUN DZ team, with whom he has already participated in several races on roads and in mountains. About three months ago, Yassine participated in his first Triathlon Sprint at the first edition of “the North Africa Triathlon” in Oran.

And since he told us he was not afraid of the challenges we decided to challenge him to participate in his first HALF IRON MAN at the next edition in the same city. A challenge he accepted with an ear to ear smile. ” YES, I can do it and I will work hard on it .. ” Yassine said.


You can follow all the preparation of Yassine Balhi on his Instagram.

And join also the #TRIANORTHAFRICA adventure and participate in the challenge.

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