Algeria! Africa’s largest country lies just a short “hop“ from Europe. The north, with its snow-flecked mountains and stunning coastline, is home to urban and charismatic cities like Algiers and Oran with magnificent ancient Roman architecture. On the north Algeria borders the Mediterranean Sea and elsewhere borders seven countries! The country has five different climate types from tropical to desert. In part because of this, the country has a large wealth diversity. The Algerian desert is the most beautiful desert in the world, and you can tour these landscapes with the Triathlon North Africa team.

(For more information – just go on the card „Travel information“, choose „Tour package“ and read some great stuff about the majestic Sahara!)

Fear not, Algeria is the most secure country in Africa and its military is the ninth largest in the world.

And the people are incredibly welcoming! If not for the peach-colored dunes or the grand ruins, come for the Algerians themselves. They welcome visitors with warmth and curiosity and are the nation’s real highlight. Join us on this extraordinary journey to celebrate their culture, landscape, and triathlon on the North African coast.

And why (don´t) go to Algeria?



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