Triathlon North Africa offers absolutely unique experience! The course itself is beautiful and exciting with oasis swim, safe and picturesque cycling part and entertaining run combining running on asphalt around the old city and sandy parts on the edge of huge sand dunes. And the organizers and athletes always create such a strong bond, that you feel like on a family vacation! Come once and you will be coming back every year!

Petr Vabrousek, triathlon legend / world record holder / ultraman distance world record holder (Czech Republic)


Triathlon North Africa is a race like no other. Don't let the "extreme" in its name scare you, the organizers do their absolute best to set you up for success. They take care of everything for you - from visas, finding best flights to and from Algiers, booking seats on the connector flights to the Sahara, arranging transports and hotel, and so much more. Really, if you are looking for a race of your lifetime, don't hesitate and sign up.  Because all you have to do is train, pack, and show up.

Jana Riedmann (United States)


Je n´ai pas compté, mais, depuis le début de ma carrière, j´ai dû prendre le départ de plus de 500 courses et je pensais avoir tout fait. Eh bien non. L´arrivée sur Taghit est extraordinaire. Les dunes vous arrivent en pleine face... Tous les Sahariens vous diront que le désert de sable ne laisse pas de trace au sol bien longtemps et que le vent est là pour y veiller. Je suis d’accord avec eux. Mais, en revanche, le désert a le pouvoir d´en laisser dans le cœur de ceux qui y sont passés...

Toumy Degham (France) pour Triathlete Magazine


Triathlon North Africa is definitely more than just a race. I can say that it is an experience worth every spent money. You have the opportunity to spend 5 days in the Sahara desert and to be able to complete a very demanding and extreme triathlon. During the race between the palms and dunes, you have the opportunity to feel that you are doing something unreal.

Piotr Sojkowski (Poland)


Triathlon del Sahara: una gara estrema in un ambiente unico in cui avventura e fascino si fondono. Nessun altro luogo come il deserto esprime il senso di solitudine e immensita e la sfida assume dimensioni particolari perché e in definitiva, la sfida piu profonda contro te stesso. Ti segna per tutta la vita e non la dimenticherai mai.

Valerio Curridori (Italy)


Es gibt Dinge auf der Welt, die man nicht sagen kann, aber man muss sie erleben !!  Der Sahara Triathlon ist einer von ihnen.  Es ist nicht nur ein Rennen, es ist eine Geschichte der Selbsterkenntnis, es ist eine Freundschaft fürs Leben, es ist einzigartig!!!

Vladimir Hrabec (Austria)


 Triathlon North Africa have created one of the most unique triathlons on the planet and we are proud to have been working on this event, helping them to create one for the bucket list.