The Sahara Triathlon: 113 (70.3) / 226 (140.6)
Date and time:   April 4, 2021
Place:  Taghit, Béchar, Algeria



The swimming portion of the race will take place in the desert oasis village of Taghit. The oasis, where the swimming will happen, lies about 8k from the race hotel and is about 300m long and 15m large.

The water temperature in February is about 16°C (61°F ) but can fall to 12°C (46°F) and a wetsuit is mandatory. Transition one will be right next to the oasis.

1 loop: 475m

Triathlon 226 (140.6): 8 loops

Triathlon 113 (70.3): 4 loops


sahara   plavání



The cycling part will take place on a high-quality asphalt road and the terrain will be mostly flat. The cycling part can be windy. 

The cycling route will take you through one thousand-year-old villages. The only company you will have will be camel herds, absolute silence, and other athletes.

1 loop: 39 km

Triathlon 226 (140.6): 4 loops + 24 km

Triathlon 113 (70.3): 2 loops + 12 km

sahara   kolo


The running part will have sand, gravel, and asphalt. The course will lead through the oasis village of Taghit and nearby sand dunes.


1 loop: 7 km (3 km between sand dunes)

Triathlon 226 (140.6): 6 loops

Triathlon 113 (70.3): 3 loops

sahara    běh