Regulations and rules


Participation in Triathlon North Africa is open to athletes of any nationality, licensed or not.


The Sahara Triathlon is an extreme triathlon and each participant who takes part in the event individually must do so under their own responsibility and agrees to have a fitness level sufficient to complete each segment. We strongly reccomend all the athletes to have a health insurance. The organization team do his best to get the maximum comfort to each participant however some things in the dessert are limited or are missing.

If you have any allergy ( as gluten for example) or other medical problem we reccomend to consider well your participation.

The water temperature may fall to 8°C. In this case the swimming part will be shortened.

The whole area of Taghit is stable and without any threats or danger. The whole race will be monitored by medical and police services. It is strongly recommended to have a travel insurance!


Areas will be controlled by guards. Medical services along the route are authorised to remove any participant for medical reasons. Any emergency vehicle that needs to use the cycling route will indicate their presence by light and sound signals. In all cases the vehicle will have priority over the triathletes. It is obligatory to each athlete to keep his things in the basket, things out of baskets might be removed for safety reason.


Swimming cap and start number (both will be provided by organizer), Neoprene swimsuit, Neoprene socks, Neoprene cap, Swimming goggles, Bicycle helmet, Sport bottles, Running shoes.

Each participant MUST have all mandatory equipment.

Facultative but recommended equipment: Neoprene gloves, Cycling shoes, Race belt, Sunglasses, Cap/Visor, Nutrition, Suncream.


Each athlete will have his own place marked by his number where he can put his race equipments. In the first transition (T1) it’s mandatory for each athlete to place his things into the bag with his number and strap up. The organizer have no responsibility for things out of bags. Participants will be allowed to enter the cycling part after wearing cycling helmet and race number placed on the position that can be read from the back.

In the second transition (T2) participant will have a basket with his number on his place to put his equipments. It is obligatory to each athlete to keep his things in the basket, things out of baskets might be removed for safety reason.

Mandatory equipment will be controled in the transition area.

More details will be presented on the pre-start briefing.


Drafting is the act of riding behind another cyclist in an area of reduced air pressure created in the wake of that leading cyclist.

The drafting zone is defined as a rectangular area 10 meters long by 5 meters wide surrounding each bicycle.

A triathlete can only enter the drafting zone of another triathlete in the following cirmustances:

  • for security reasons
  • at an aid station
  • at the entrance or exit of the transition area
  • in sharp turns

If the triathlete is reached, he must immediately leave the area of drafting

  • CUT IS PROHIBITED of other triathletes
  • Passing always on the right side of the road pavement.
  • We recommend to take some nutrition supplies on the bike section, i.e. bring own food (gels,bars)

In case of drafting: Time penalty 5 min will be added to the finish time.


Should inclement weather or circumstances beyond our control prevent the holding of the event according to the planned program with all of its segments (Swim, Bike, Run). In this new event alternative in no case race be postponed to another date or repayment of any amount will be made.


  • Cancellation of the swim leg due to bad sea conditions: the event becomes a duathlon
  • Cancellation of the cycling event section, due to inclement weather, natural disaster with disqualification of the road: the event becomes an aquathlon
  • Cancellation of the cycling section and swimming: the event becomes a running race

The race is further adjusted according to the rules of ITU.

Important notices:

  • The race take place in a remote place. Each athlete must bring his own bicycle spare parts!
  • This is an extreme race! You must be in good condition. Aid station will be available but we strongly recommend to bring for the race your own nutrition (e.g. energy gel, salt tablets, and energy bar).
  • Organizer don´t guarantee the receiving of visas. The granting of visas is entirely within the competence of the Embassy. The organizer returns 50% of the entry fee when no visas are issued to all those registered before October 1st!
  • Entry fee is partially refundable until October 1st, 2019:
    Until October 1st, 2019: Reimbursement of 50% of the entry fee
    From October 2nd, 2019: Non-refundable