Participation in Triathlon North Africa is open to athletes of any nationality, licensed or not.

Each participant who takes part in the event individually must do so under their own responsibility and agrees to have a fitness level sufficient to complete each segment. We strongly recommend that all athletes have travel and health insurance.


DRAFTING (Full distance)

Drafting is the act of riding behind another cyclist in an area of reduced air pressure created in the wake of that leading cyclist.

The drafting zone is defined as a rectangular area 10m long by 2m wide surrounding each bicycle. 

A triathlete can only enter the drafting zone of another triathlete in the following circumstances:

  • For security reasons
  • At an aid station
  • At the entrance or exit of the transition area
  • In sharp turns
  • Other safety reasons

If the triathlete is flagged for drafting, he must immediately leave the drafting area.  A five minute time penalty will be assessed at the finish.

Drafting is allowed in the Sprint race.

  • Cutting off other triathletes is prohibited
  • Pass always on the right side of the road
  • We recommend to take nutrition supplies (ie, gels, bars) on the bike section


Areas will be controlled by organization security.

Medical services for the organization will be along the route and will be authorized to remove any participant for medical reasons.

Any emergency vehicle that needs to use the cycling route will indicate their presence through light and sound signals. In all cases the vehicle will have priority over the triathletes, who must give way. Every participant has an obligation to provide first aid if there is a need!


Full distance: 17 hours

Sprint distance: 3 hours


A referee judge will have the final decision over any course and result issues.


Neoprene wetsuit, swim caps, swim goggles, bicycle helmet, sport bottles, running shoes, socks.

To start each participant MUST have all mandatory equipment.

Not required, but recommended equipment:  cycling shoes, race belt, sunglasses, cap/visor, nutrition, suncream.


Registration is only possible via e-mail:

Entry fee:

Ironman distance: 300 euro – until 15th October, 2018 (Included: T-shirt, swimming cap, start number, race photo, airport pick-up, visa assistance, aid stations, pasta party for two persons) Other things that will be part of the start pack will be presented in September.

                                350 euro after 15th October, 2018

Sprint distance: 100 euro – until 31st October, 2018 (Included: T-shirt, swimming cap, start number, race photo, airport pick-up, visa assistance, aid stations, pasta party for two persons) 

                            150 euro – after 31st October, 2018



Should inclement weather or circumstances beyond our control prevent holding the event according to the planned program with all of its segments (swim, bike, run). In this new event alternative in no case race be postponed to another date or repayment of any amount will be made.


  • In the event of cancellation of the swim leg due to bad sea condition, the event becomes a duathlon.
  • In the event of cancellation of the cycling event section due to inclement weather or natural disaster, the event becomes an aquathlon
  • In the event of cancellation of the both the cycling and swimming sections, the event becomes a running race.


Opening and check-in: to be announced

Every participant will have his or her own place that will be marked by his or her number. In T1 and T2 you will find at your marked place a basket with your number that you can use to organize your equipment in.

Once you have finished the swimming/cycling part, it is obligatory to put everything into the red bag „Bike“/ blue bag „Run“.

Organizers are not responsible for things out of bags. It is required to wear a helmet and start bib to be allowed on the cycling course.

Check-out transition: To be announced

Mandatory equipment will be controlled in the transition area.

More information at the pre-start briefing.


Ironman distance: 17 hours

Sprint distance: 3 hours

The race rules are the same as ITU rules.


– Organizers cannot guarantee receiving visas, if required. Organizers are not responsible for your visas. Until 31st November, 2018, 50% of the registration fee can be refunded if a visa is not granted.

– The race take place in a remote place. Each athletes must bring his own bicycle spare parts!

– This is an extreme race! You must be in good condition. Aid station will be available but we strongly recommend to bring for the race your own nutrition (e.g. energy gel, salt tablets, and energy bar).

– Organizer don´t guarantee the receiving of visas. The granting of visas is entirely within the competence of the Embassy. The organizer returns 50% of the prize when no visas are issued to all those registered before November 5!

– Registration is partially refundable until November 5, 2018:
Until November 5, 2018: Reimbursement of 50% of the total value
From November 6, 2018: Non-refundable

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